Digital Thermostat Upgrade

Rv Comfort Coleman-mach 12- volt Digital Thermostat

The problem with an analog thermostat is that it's difficult to get the temperature set just right and even more difficult, if not impossible, to recreate it. You are constantly having to more the slider to adjust the temp. Very frustrating.  I decided to solve the problem with a simple digital thermostat upgrade. Nothing rarely goes totally as planned, but it wasn't that difficult

The only issue I had was the physical connection. I assumed is was a matter of unscrewing the old and screwing on the new, but the original was soldered and connected with a plug. To solve the problem I simply cut the plug off the old and soldered the wire on the new. The colorers matched up so it was 100% compatible.

I usually set the AC to 75 degrees and the  heat to 70 degrees. Here is my install video:

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