Why not... right?
When we were camping at the Gulf Islands National Seashore last month, I torn a ligament in my left knee (ouch). It didn't really feel that bad at first, so I kept on with business as usual; not a good move. After we returned home, it started hurting really bad, so I went to an Ortho Doc (that's when I found out it was a torn ligament). He put me in a brace (that was too small so I returned it) and told me to ice and stay off it for awhile.

I was a compliant patient, iced several times a day, and chilled in the crib, but progress was slow. Fast forward 2 weeks, it was still really bothering me, and the problem was we were scheduled to go up to the Blue Ridge for a long 4 day weekend at New River State Park to ogle the fall colors. Gail said, "No way, you can't go with your knee like that."

On an occasion when we feel the need to get uncooped, we'll make a pot of coffee, fix a nibble to nosh, and go over to the Jay Feather at our storage yard to pretend we're in the mountains. We ended up stay-camping instead of ogling the mountain leaves. Better than nothing... right?

Our Stay-Camping Campground

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