RV Roof Vent Covers

When we first got our Jay Feather I installed 2 Maxxair Roof Vent Covers, one over the fan vent in the bathroom and the other over the vent in the bedroom. They are a must have as far as I'm concerned; covers enable you to leave the vents open when it rains, during travel and when the trailer is in storage keeping it smelling fresh.

Maxxair (00-933066) White Vent Cover

A few months later we were on a trip and we stopped at a rest area to do what people do when they stop at a rest area. While walking back to our rig I noticed 1 of the vents was not sitting right. Upon further inspection I discovered that a couple of the clips that attach the cover to the vent had come loose, and I actually had lost one of the clips. I removed the cover totally so we could continue our trip, (with the vent closed). I figured I must not have had the screws tight and it vibrated loose; I'm sure there is a lot of movement while driving down the highway. Fortunately, I was able to purchase the  Maxxair (00-225000) Roof Vent Zero Leak Mounting Kit without buying the vent cover.

I decided to reinstall the 2 vent covers using lock nuts as well as the lock washers to prevent the incident from happening again. Overkill? Maybe, but I'm all about overkill.


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