You Need X-Chocks!

About 10 years ago I was reading a tool review in Fine Homebuilding about a recent innovation in cordless drills - Impact Drivers; the article was titled: Yes, You Need a Cordless Impact Driver. It struck me strange that the author could be so emphatic; how would he if I needed an impact driver? A few weeks later I was talking with a woodworker who had a shop next to my business and he started raving about this new cordless impact driver he just got. He showed me how remarkable it was and I immediately thought back to that review article and realized the author was right. So what does this have to do with X-Chocks, you are asking yourself? Allow me to explain. 

I'm an early riser, my wife sleeps in (I wish I could), so I'm up and about making coffee, starting my day, trying to be quiet. Gail mentioned one time that she could feel the trailer moving and sometimes it woke her up. I thought she was being a little hyperbolic because I had never felt the trailer move at all. One afternoon I was taking a nap while Gail was doing some work on her computer and I was awoken from the trailer moving (Gail was walking around). I realized then that you don't feel the trailer moving when you're the one making it move; you only feel it when you're lying in bed and someone else is moving around.

So I did some research on "the google" and discovered X-Chocks; after reading all the good reviews I decided to get a set. The next time we went camping I installed the X-Chocks between the wheels (they were a little persnickety the first few times I put them on, but now they are routine) anxiously waiting to see how they work. I was gobsmacked! | ˈɡäˌsmakt | British informal utterly astonished; astounded.
Now don't let me mislead you, they don't totally eliminate all the movement, but they eliminate enough to not wake Gail when I'm starting my day.

So... yes, You need X-Chocks.

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