Posting HQ Videos to Instagram

Instagram has been around for quite awhile and is a fun app for sharing pictures with friends and anyone around the world. A couple of years ago the ability to publish videos has made it all that much better; the only downside is that you are restricted to posting strictly from your smartphone. While you can take great videos with the camera on your phone it is still limiting.
This is how you can take videos with your DLSR (or any digital camera), do some editing with a non-linear editor (iMovie, Apple FCPX, Adobe Premier. Movie Maker and a host of others)

After shooting a video and doing some post process editing you can export the finished product to your computer - making sure to keeping the length to 1 minute or less. From there you will need to migrate the video to your smartphone. Depending on your phone, there are several different ways. I have an iPhone so I will either use Dropbox or send it via Apple Messages. Once you have the video on your smartphone its just a matter of posting to Instagram like you normally would do.

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