"Path of Totality" Or Bust

We had no idea what to expect. Traffic signs on the interstate around home, Charlotte NC, began alerting drivers, weeks earlier to prepare for traffic delays on eclipse day, August 8/21.

We have been planning for the #eclipse at least 6 months: made reservations at Lake Hartwell State Park in South Carolina in the path of totality, and purchased a 5-pack of Eclipse Glasses (CE and ISO Certified Safe Solar Eclipse Shades). This was to be our first total eclipse and we were not about to miss it. 

We left Charlotte on Friday 8/18 for the 3-hour drive south on I85 to our campsite - we wanted to beat the traffic. We didn't get 5 miles outside the Queen City and we were shocked to find ourselves going 10 MPH in 4 lanes of bumper to bumper. We were not off to a good start.

The drive ended well, albeit a little longer than usual, but we arrived alive. The campground is full with "eclipse-seekers", kindred spirits, excited all for the big day.

We are making plans for the big show, tomorrow: 
  • scouted viewing location
  • list of provisions
  • camera batteries charged
  • checking the weather (so far pretty good - mostly sunny)
Stay tuned.


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